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Does not work at all with my iPad 2, technical support was terrible as well!!!!!!!!!

Like an episode of Breaking Bad....

I pulled at least four fingernails getting the TrackR app to work on my phone, but the TrackR tablet is being stubborn about my last fingernail. It just doesn't want to let go... Seems like if these guys really understood Bluetooth communication, they would have setup a simple handshake method that could then be used to secure the connection.

Can't get the tablet app to work at all

I've tried to get this app to work on my iPad 2 (9.3.5) but it won't recognize that my Bluetooth is enabled and stops there. Tech support is non existent and useless when they are available. Support took two days to get a response from the tech guys and they suggested I download the app again and "resolved" the issue. Useless like the app.

App Doesn't Work

I was able to pair it with my phone, but then it lost the pairing. I've tried a few times, but it seems to just be a waste of time. They need to fix this. It's making me question my decision to try TrackR to replace the Tiles that have been very reliable for the past year (until the non-replaceable batteries die, at least).


I have tried to pair this for many hours already and it simply does not work. Does anyone know how to use this tablet trackr app. Please give detailed instructions.


Being an engineer I knew this was junk.

"TrackR Tablet" app pairs with "TrackR" app

- The "TrackR Tablet" app works great... ON YOUR TABLET (not your phone). The only thing the Tablet app does is pair with your phone's "TrackR" app and let you ring it... or reset pairing. - On your phone, use the "TrackR" app (NOT "TrackR Tablet")... you can pair with your TrackR devices, see them on a map, and ring them by pressing the little speaker icon under the signal strength(?) bars. Tap the speaker icon again to turn ringing Off! ...or directly silence the tablet itself (or other TrackR device). - I've just installed the two different apps, and they seem to work very well together. I can ring my phone from my tablet, like instantly... and the phone rings only so long as you (tap&)HOLD the 'Ring My Phone' button in the "TrackR Tablet" app... when you release the button, phone ringing stops. - That's it for "TrackR Tablet". -- The TrackR app on your phone will also track your TrackR Stickers, TrackR bravos, and TrackR Wallet cards locally within 100 ft, or... by Crowd GPS, that is, within 100 ft of other TrackR users (requires keeping Bluetooth on, and TrackR app running in background.) Note: On TrackR's coverage map, I already see users where I travel in Alaska and northern Idaho. TrackR said batteries last approx. 1 year and are easily replaceable... and they would replace batteries that die within a year. [I do not work for TrackR.]

Good Idea, Poorly Executed

I installed the app on my iPhone and my iPad. I was able to pair the app with my Amazon Echo too. Unfortunately, once installed, you are stuck in an endless loop with the install screen menu. You can keep adding devices, but you can never just see your devices and tell the app to ring one. For example, I added and paired my iPad to the iPhone. how do I see and find my iPad? Who knows?! There are no options to do so! It just takes you back to the start screen that asks if you want to add another device! All in all, pretty useless, and not near as helpful as the Apple Find My Phone feature. After twenty minutes, I uninstalled this from both devices. Oh well....

Doesn't work

Phone won't pair with iPad

head of house?

I absolutely love this idea - a crowd soured network for gps location using only bluetooth LE and your phone's gps capability. The ultimate success will depend on how many "nodes" - people with the app loaded and functioning in the backgroundare out there. This will take some time - there are very few in my location so far. On the local level I have found some issues with locating items that might be radio frequency shielded - i.e. inside any metal enclosure - a car, a locker etc. This is not a failure of the app, but just a limitation of the technology, which uses very low energy transmissions which don't penetrate very far. That is the tradeoff for reasonable battery life. The reverse paging system is great, and will be lifesaver, unless my wife loses both her keys and her phone at the same time.

Great Lost iPad Finder

This is a great free app for locating missing iPads. I like it because unlike findmyiphone you do not need an Internet connection to locate the lost ipad. I also really like the separation alert features so I don't lose the iPad when leaving an airplane. Pros -simple and intuitive -love he crowd god feature to find lost iPads -separation alert feature is very handy for traveling -can find iPad or phone remotely


Works all the time

Love Trackr

It is a great little device! Love trying to find my items and having lead me directly to them. Placed one in my car and tracked it. I have one in my purse, wallet, bookbag, keys, and plan to put one on my cat. What a great idea! Absolutely love it and tell lots of people about it.

iPad doesn't show up on phone app

I installed this on my tablet, and while it rings my phone fine, the whole purpose of the app is to connect to your phone and be able to find your tablet using your phone. It does not do this, and so it is basically worthless. Once again, I'm very disappointed by TrackR products and can't believe I spent so much money on them

The app can't find its own app!

What up with app like that?

Doesn't work at all

Doesn't pair with the trackr app on phone so is completely useless.

LOUD and Proud

WOW, TrackR could not POSSIBLY have come into my life at a better time! A surprise visit from the Boss and my Wife is now retired about a year before we planned. We live where she worked (Self Storage) and had 5 days to vacate Apt. I had just purchased 10 for "Mothers Day Special" and attached them to every important thing, keys, slipped in wallet, her purse, box of remotes, box with important papers!!! This Tablet app FREE, LOUD & PROUD. Used it twice so far!!! THANK YOU TrackR!!

Doesn't work

I can't get this to connect for the life of me.

Love it

Now I can keep track of my wifi iPad

Doesn't seem to work with iPad 2

Can't get past the screen that checks to see if Bluetooth is enabled. I know it is because I am listening to my iPad through Bluetooth speakers.

Helped me find my phone this morning

Saw this app on product hunt and tried it because I'm constantly switching between my iPhone and iPad which leaves me susceptible to misplacing one or the other. When I couldn't remember where I left my phone, I used the apps ring iPhone button and found it. Pretty useful so far.

Won't recognize my Bluetooth is on

Cannot do anything with this as it will not recognize my Bluetooth is on.

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